Wednesday, November 07, 2012

What Happened?

So yeah, something happened yesterday but I forget what it is, I was so busy watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aka a fantastic antidote for the election venom. Now I thoroughly understand why people flee real life to watch reality TV. It's *so* not what our lives are like.

God bless Lisa, Adrienne, Yolande, Scary Mess, Brandi, Kyle, and the Drunk One. I am so ready to pull up a seat and lose myself in RHoBH after months and months of election coverage. Oh and what coverage it was. Here's Dish's roundup:

Anderson Cooper: Cute as a bug's ear.
Diane Sawyer: Allegedly wasted during coverage. Everyone's talking about it. I just think she had bad Botox and couldn't move any part of her face except for her mouth. You be the judge. Dish often talks like this after three hours of sleep. No, just rewatched. She was completely sh*tfaced.
John King: So in love with his board, it made me crazy. I kept watching him because I felt sorry for how obsessed he got. Then today he stood on same stage as ex-wife Dana Bash and both stuttered. Awwwwkkkkwarrrd.
Fox News: You know straight away who they're rooting for and I accept that, which makes the watch entertaining as sh*t.
Jon Stewart: I'm sorry, but this was not a time for funny. Lost interest after three minutes of shtick.
Donald Trump: His post-election Twitter diarrhea was hilarious! I see his purpose in the world. For us to ridicule him.

My bottom line is that I forgive Ohio for existing in 1991. Now we can go back to celebrities. Modern Family's Ariel Winter got out of dodge after allegedly living with an abusive mother. If I were her, I'd make a beeline for Sofia Vergara, who is awesomeness itself.

I heard a rumor that People is choosing Channing Tatum as its Sexiest Man Alive. Finally, a choice that is relevant and not so five years ago. Though he doesn't hold a candle to TG.

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