Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wanderlust Isn't So Bad

...especially if you enjoy Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston. The premise is incredibly one-note and the glow of Jenni-Paul almost makes up for it. Almost. The crazy hippie thing is funny for about two seconds until you realize this flick is a vehicle for the following:

Rudd's endearing boy-nextdoorness
Justin Theroux--who is super-hammy and clever, though his best work so far is Tropic Thunder
Bathroom and sex humor--which Apatow takes to new heights
Aniston's great hair, body and comedic timing. It's hard for me to look away when she's on a screen, she is that Julia-esque
Crazy secondary characters

It's worth a rent if you have nothing to do.

So much ado about Israel these days. I'm not sure what's happening but Kim Kardashian does. So much so that she tweeted her support of Israel, then Palestine, then never mind. Note to Kim: Resist all Ambien-tweeting.

And now, I feel I have to confess: Lincoln looks like a big pile of crap. Am I the only one who doesn't melt over Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day? In a previous post, I said I wanted to see it, but I was lying. In the previews, the only one who doesn't seem to overact is my imaginary aunt Sally Field. Maybe that's inspiration to go...

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