Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rest in Peace, You Womanizing Oil Baron! (Slap)

The imaginary villain of my childhood, J.R. Ewing, has gone to that palatial estate in the sky. On Dallas, Larry Hagman played the deliciously evil pain in the butt who stayed one step ahead of everyone. Just at the point when Sue Ellen or Bobby might advance, J.R. came from behind and stole everything! How I appreciate his evil now. To pay my respects, here are some choice scenes. The Housewives should take note on how to diss someone:

That awesome theme song
Where Pam slaps JR
Where JR slaps Sue Ellen
Where JR calls Sue Ellen a slut 
Where Bobby shows what a goody-goody wuss he is and J.R. makes sign of devil with his eyebrows

The Middle East may have called a truce, but Thanksgiving drama erupted between Halle Berry's fiance Olivier Martinez (the one who got clocked by Richard Gere in Unfaithful and who used to date Kylie Minogue) got into a fight with Berry's baby-daddy Gabriel Aubry and both men wound up in the hospital. I thought this only happened on television...

So, during my flights to and from Florida, I watched Ted and The Five-Year Engagement. Ted has only a few funny jokes and a predictable plot. It's kind of hilarious that a bear could have sex with a woman, though. Maybe Dish had low blood sugar. And, while I'm glad I didn't pay 13$ to see it, The Five-Year Engagement had cute moments and showed true love's complexity. It's hard not to love Emily Blunt and Jason Segel. In this movie, Jason, at least, isn't constantly showing his wang, which I appreciate. Dish prefers her Rom-Coms with clothes. For dramas, thrillers, Apatow or Ferrell comedies, let it all hang out!

I had a vivid dream where Julianne Moore was trying to enlist me in some cause. She was all enthusiastic the way she is in real life. Like you want to join her club. What does she want me to do?  A message from Julianne is always divine.

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