Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dish Thoughts During Skyfall:

The Adele song sounds boring out of context but is perfect for this movie.

Daniel Craig keeps running fast to save the day--I need to step up my game and stop jogging like I'm 100.

Bond spends entire night boozing it up--Oh god, I feel so much better. I do the same only it's my brain that keeps me intoxicated, not scotch. 85% of the time, I feel crappy in the morning from my shenanigans.

Perfect casting for Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem. Javier has a knack for spewing weirdness in one movie, then dashing romance in another. How does he do that? Must investigate the chameleon within Dish.

After Bond's physical, the doc says he has addictions, alcohol and pills--I feel so much better about my own medicating.

Warning: Just as greeting cards mostly mock your age, there are tons of age jokes about Bond. His skin is indeed leathery. This helps me deal with my own wrinkleswho am I kidding, I want to get Botox.

During one of the many times Bond takes off his shirt, I think: If he can be that built at 44, I can do the same. I can barely open a jar of mayonnaise. Note to self: stop eating mayonnaise. Bond probably doesn't. Will strengthen the bod so that I can be ready for my spy job as head of the CIA.

Bond takes an elevator ride by jumping and holding on to the bottom of the car--F*ck, I could never do that but now I'll stop whining about being afraid of heights. Why do spies always dangle in mid-air???

He and M drive all night to desolate area in Scotland--Where did they piss?

The movie is: too long, still satisfying because of the trifecta of DC/Dame Judi/Bardem. Tenderhearts: there is some heartbreak but go see it anyway. And now I'm going to look for a Bond bloopers. I would like, for once, to see them giggling over the cheesiness of this franchise.

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