Friday, November 02, 2012

I See the Light!!!

Around 5ish, the power came back on--just in time for the celebrity-studded Sandy relief telethon which did nothing for me so I turned it off!!! Plus, having a great husband helps in a time of crisis. Three years ago, I would have never fared so well during Sandy. I would have merged with my couch, not eating for days, letting the batteries run out before my brother and his husband retrieved me via wheelbarrow and IV drip of Revivafrin. TG recharged the electronics, got the big flashlights and last night...sniff...he accompanied me to Jersey Boys. Sandy made him desperate.

Jersey Boys for the 4th time in less than a year am I a psycho or what did not disappoint, though the audience was in outer space and did not applaud as often as I would have liked. So, of course, I had to be one of the starters of the standing O at the end. What a mood-booster and I love the new cast! The new Tommy DeVito, Jeremy Kushnier, is saucy, magnetic and the kind of actor who's probably really good in every role he plays. He's especially oily as Tommy, which is what I'd envisioned. Drew Gehling's Bob Gaudio is tall, geeky and sweet--with a killer voice. You can't go wrong  with Matt Bogart, who made me and TG giggle through most of the show. And of course, I'm always partial to Jarrod Spector as Frankie. He really is fantastic. This post-Sandy week really sucked and JB cheered me up.

Now when can I go again?


Anonymous said...

What--more Jersey Boys!! How many times is this? Is TG going again too?

Dish said...

You raise an important issue, Anonymous. TG will probably never go to JB again, unless enough testosterone accompanies us. If all the XYs go--and his ticket is paid for--he'll go.

As for Dish, the situation is more dire. When to go without appearing psychotic? I'm currently using my powerful tools of manipulation to go again but the people involved don't know they are going yet. Also, my sister-in-law said she'd go, so the next time she's here, we're going. I will also need to get myself a Christmas present for having so far survived 2012, but closer to the holidays and as a reward. So, in effect, that's three more viewings of JB--for a total of 7.

Good thing Duran Duran is not touring...