Thursday, May 06, 2010

Almost Friday

I'm not sure who I'd rather be in this picture. How nice it would be to experience the magic of Julia and Javier up close. At the very least, I want to know what Julia is knitting. Will be satisfied to see the chemical explosion when Eat Pray Love comes out in August.

I'm not excited about Ironman 2 as it looks mediocre. Bret Michaels is on the cover of People and I don't understand how this happened. In his hospital picture, he's wearing a bandanna and fake-sleeping. It reminds a little of when Meryl Streep dressed up Shirley MacLaine when she was in the hospital in Postcards from the Edge.

At this point, life can't get better. TG is out getting me ice cream, no questions asked.


MD said...

TG is excellent!! Most of my friends who've read Eat Pray Whatever have gagged on it.

Dish Upon a Star said...

I wanted to hate Eat Pray but loved it. The annoying part readers have to get over is how privileged this heroine is. To take a year off to "find herself." Most of us poor slobs have to do that while paying Con Ed and sitting next to sweaty crazies on the subway.

J.J. said...

After seeing "E,P,L" author on Oprah, it was so clear that she's completely full of shit, I could never read it.
I can't stand a work of fiction being peddled as truth. I will however, run to the film- Javier & Julia? It can't be released fast enough for me!!!