Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Circle of Death!

I dreamt that a lion and a tiger pounced on me. The voice in my diseased brain said, "Lie still. Pretend you're dead." I did just this and watched as little TGcat leaped on both animals and saved me. Crazy but prophetic, Dish awoke to read about last night's bomb scare in Times Square in front of the theater featuring "The Lion King." I have a hard time believing it's for real since terrorists generally aren't so dumb as to use a bomb that doesn't work. Will await updates before freaking out.

So, since John Paul Stevens Jessica Parker is leaving the Supreme Court, Obama needs another judge. Dish's nominee is: Lindsay Lohan. She would add fun, the youth vote, and she needs a job. Sotomayor would smack her if she drank on the job. Clarence Thomas could put pubes in her rum and Coke. A good time had by all.

To make up for my restless night, I will watch Desperate Housewives, which is sure to put me to sleep.

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HersheyKiss said...

But, if you fall asleep, you'll miss the Nora Walker Show!