Monday, May 03, 2010

Weeping for Lynn Redgrave

I enjoyed Lynn Redgrave as much as her sister. She seemed like the type you'd want to have over for coffee. Vanessa, not so much, but with her I'd enjoy doing an in-depth analysis of Virginia Woolf's writings. Sadly, Lynn had been battling breast cancer these past seven years. Blessings on her coming and going. That family has had a crappy couple years.

Also crappy these past couple years is Desperate Housewives. As DishBrother notes, it was never good but now the show has become boring. Again, my butt has written better stories than last night's spectacle of ridiculousness. Three psychopaths all vying to unleash hell on one potential character we probably don't care about. I'd like a bloodbath, please.

In addition, last night's Brothers & Sisters was phoned in. As usual, Sally Field kept up the scenery with her puttering, cooking, and small talk. Justin's pointy-nosed-wife got all acty when he announced he was too dumb for medical school (get back on the Vicodin b/c it gives Sally something to do). You could tell Acty was all upset since she appeared without her usual glowing makeup. The wan look is a dead giveaway. Then, now that Luc is living with Sarah, he's lost his penis. Nora might be keeping it under her pillow until Treat Williams/Jon Tenney/Lindsay from Chariots of Fire/Danny Glover return to the show.

God help us all.

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Anonymous said...

In her day, the symbol of wild but not brainless womanhood.