Thursday, May 20, 2010

Justice is Served!

It's gratifying when celebrities get their comeuppance. Lindsay Lohan made bail but has to show for court on Monday. DishBrother brought to our attention that Lindsay's pic here shows a dress that should have been long but that someone took scissors to and made short. Dish overlooked this entirely but now sees the shocking tear. Now let's hope she goes to jail gracefully...or better yet just disappears.

Cyclist Floyd Landis says that Lance Armstrong was doping all along. You know what? I believe it. What's more, so many of the cyclists dope. I won't reveal my sources but they are within that community. Dish is not a fan of Lance though do celebrate his beating cancer and hope he's a good father.

I found Rock of Love revolting but it's sad that Bret Michaels is in the hospital yet again, this time for his heart. He just can't catch a break in love or health.

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