Sunday, May 16, 2010

Barbra on Sunday

Funny Girl is brilliant and Barbra is brilliant in it. I watched an hour and was reinspired. Just saying: I love her and always will -- even if she's singing a lot of ballads right now.

Nothing happens on Sunday. Well, Law & Order was cancelled, and so was Mercy (Nurse Jackie is way better). So-and-so drank too much and the other is out with her new man after her split.

Right now, even though Desperate Housewives has been dull all season, I have to see it through. Hope Lynnette has her baby. Of course, she'll have her baby. Network TV won't dare kill off a baby.

Anyway, yay Barbra!


Anonymous said...

Dish has found her calling and its name is Barbra! Great drawings.

Dish Upon a Star said...