Saturday, June 18, 2011

All About Death or Yay, MaryAnn's Is Open Again!

And thank goodness, since this is where TG proposed marriage to me. We are now dying from excessive burrito consumption. Won't think about the potential health violations that might have closed them down in the first place...

...instead, let's focus on how Dish got the sh*t scared out of her two nights ago. TG had gone to sleep, so I plopped in Fertile Ground starring The L Word's Leisha Hailey and hunkalicious Queer As Folk veteran Gale Harold (i.e. my imaginary boyfriend from 2005-2009). Nothing about this story is extraordinary. She goes back into the house, into the basement, doesn't run screaming from danger. And yet, it's still scary. Leisha is a fantastic actress, growing leaps and bounds since that Yoplait commercial. Our Gale shows his range--from Brian Kinney to supportive husband/crazy a-hole. A nice diversion if you like creepy indies with no hope at the end.

Speaking of no hope, a bright light has gone out in the music world. Clarence Clemons died of a massive stroke, deeply saddening. At least he didn't whizz away his talent: Amy Winehouse got booed for a horrific performance in Belgrade (it was *really* bad, as in Dish could have done a better job of singing). My precious Tone Loc was arrested allegedly for domestic violence. Now he's dead to me. The Killing finale is tonight. Death, death, death.

Quel somber posting...Back to reading Virginia Woolf.

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