Monday, June 20, 2011

What an Icky Day for Celebrity News!!!

You might need to don some black and then douse yourself in Purrell after reading.

First the black: Jackass star Ryan Dunn died in car crash this morning. TG hasn't stopped crying. It surprises me that more catastrophe doesn't happen with that show/movie. A sad celebrity demise and Dish secretly wonders, who's next? Summer is a rough time for the stars (esp. 2009). Antoine did pick the Death card for today, didn't he?

Lost/Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison (51), one of Dish's fave evil character actors, married 16-year-old aspiring country singer Courtney Alexis Stodden. Hmmm. I thought he was gay. At least she married into talent! Peter Fonda married for the third time, but not as big of age diff.

Mystery solved: Why Megan Fox was fired from The Transformers. After comparing Michael Bay (one of Dish's fave action directors) to Hitler, Steven Spielberg told him to fire her. I'm one of the few who likes Megan Fox as an actress, but this makes me want to cheer. Lessons learned: 1. Hyperbole is a poor substitute for erudition. 2. Don't mess with Spielberg. Maybe end on that happy note?

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Sam said...

A 51-year-old guy married a 16-year-old girl? In the US? Isn't that illegal? Or, is he allowed to marry her but he can't touch her? They sure do things differently in country music!