Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm Sick of Chicken, But It's Easy

So last night, we saw Nellie Oleson's Alison Arngrim do her standup in a restaurant/theater off Broadway. She has a great gig--traveling around, being as bitchy as she wants, living the life of a cult obsession from thirty years ago. We enjoyed our blast from the past. The one truly obnoxious part of Arngrim's show was her audience. They were mostly awful, heckling constantly, finishing her sentences, screeching lines from Little House on the Prairie, and using adoration to mask bad manners. I love a raucous audience but this one blew. Some fun parts: calling Elisabeth Hasselbeck "Hasself*ck," her impression of Eartha Kitt and Carol Channing (inspired) and her clips from the show. As we left, she signed copies of her book. TG and I bypassed her, but I'll admit, I did look down her shirt.

Quick blast as TG is preparing dinner: Rosanna Arquette engaged, OMG, like congrats. Orange County Housewife Vicki's new BF has a record, like for DUI. Guh! And, Keanu Reeves has co-authored a book entitled Ode to Happiness. Dish almost bought it immediately until seeing the price-tag: 34$, allegedly about 40 pages long, 100 words or so. I kind of want it, if only to scold myself for wasting the$$$, ode to happiness indeed. Dish prefers the Russians as you can tell.

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