Saturday, June 04, 2011

News Coming to You From Orlando...But Written from New York!

Dish loves scheduled posts! This news came in Friday, but I wanted to keep the focus on my anniversary of engagement. So Pink and her husband welcomed a baby girl on Thursday Sage. I'd expect nothing less. It's official that if TG and I are ever blessed with child, the name will be: Cool Ranch Dorito!

Speaking of rugrats, those fightin' Grammers are at it again with a custody battle. Good grief. The gall to run off with a stewardess, leaving the over-40 wife, then demand the children. Not even a meal at Le Cigale Volant could cure this heartburn.

RIP to Jack Kevorkian, whose work I kind of supported.

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HersheyKiss said...

Cool Ranch Dorito is an exquisite name! I strongly endorse it. While in Orlando, take a drive through Celebration for a Stepfordesque experience.