Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is Hef Getting Married Or Not?

According to Huffpo, Hugh Hefner's fiancée Crystal moved out 5 days before the wedding. Does she get to keep the ring? What went wrong: Did he not support her aspirations? Was he just too sexay? I hope that she finds happiness outside of the jug-tastic Playboy mansion.

Fran Drescher has a new semi-autobiographical series, Happily Divorced, on TV Land, right after that series everyone but Dish loves called Hot in Cleveland. I love Fran in interviews, but could never get into The Nanny. I hope it does well.

Producer/Goddess Laura Ziskin passed away on Sunday from a long battle with breast cancer. She produced the Spider-Man franchise and Pretty Woman, among many of her hits.

The Killing: Dish guessed the murderer at the beginning. TG and I love this show!

A special thanks to Sean Bean who was stabbed while protecting a lady's honor. It's just good manners!

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HersheyKiss said...

Re: Hef. I'm guessing she didn't agree to the terms of the prenup.