Friday, June 17, 2011

The Dishes Take On Nellie Oleson

TG and I are seeing Alison Arngrim's show tonight near Times Square. Maybe some of her "bitch" vibes will rub off on me. I have at least started curling my hair and scowling more. Loved AA's autobio. Everyone who needs a spine should read it. She gives good dish on her life on Little House.

These days, I feel as if everywhere I go, I'll see Lady Gaga or a Kardashian. All these young whippersnappers have taken over my People and my US Weekly. I don't need to see washboard abs. Please stop telling me who Miley Cyrus is effing. Yes, Aguilera has packed on the pounds (TG says, Don't diss my Christina!) and might be a diva on The Voice. Where are the Streeps? The Pacinos? Oh dear, it's finally happened. I am talking like an old person.

What I really care about: When will Simon Le Bon be ready to sing again? And...will Julia Roberts's movie Larry Crowne be as bad as it looks in the trailer? This won't stop me from seeing it often in the theater.

TG informed me that The Glee Project is excellent. Back to work for Dish--17 days until my independence from Hades.

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