Monday, June 06, 2011

Star Sighting--Leeza Gibbons!!!

I won't say in which capacity I got to meet Leeza Gibbons, but let's just say we were shopping at Bergdorf's together (not true). After she called me "Peaches" (not my name but I will totally answer to it if that's what she deems appropriate), we engaged in easy small talk. The woman is quite gorgeous, friendly and gives great eye contact. Of course, Dish was sweating through two layers of clothing, tripping over words but managed to tell the story of marrying TG. LG just got married as well and we agreed those later-in-life unions are awesome. Her husband was a sweetheart. Did not ask her about her passion for scrapbooking or suggest a "crafts" day. If it were Julia, you know we'd be in a knitting store yesterday.

If you watched the MTV Movie Awards, you heard a classless array of bad Arnold jokes, overall celebration of blaah, but MTV does focus on youth, which the other award shows practically overlook. Reese Witherspoon gave an empowering speech about how you don't have to release a sex tape or have a reality show to be great.

Just as Justin Timberlake is photographed with everyone, pics have surfaced of Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel on a motorcycle together. A new low.

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