Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Extra, Extra!

Such crazy news of late! Do I have to relay the headlines? What's been dominating the airwaves??? Okay, I'll tell you: Josh Duhamel is returning to All My Children before it ends in September. I know, big news, huge. This is where Dish first recognized him as another average good-looking actor, then he made it big (as did Weiner--sorry! It just slipped out of my pants) in Vegas and married Fergie. Now it's unclear what he's doing beyond AMC and abusing airline personnel. SNAP!

So, can anyone tell me why the firing of Cheryl Cole is such big news? The tabloids are treating it like a natural disaster. No one was killed. A cute rich woman with dimples just got richer.

Just read my OK magazine which seems to fabricate some wild stories. Brad and Jen reuniting via phone after the death of her dog? He's trying to keep his secret phone calls from Angie (though we are privy to the info). And Jennifer Garner, pregnant again? All sounds like lies--not OK.

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