Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today's StarDirt

1. Justin Bieber loves to nap. This I learned from following him on Twitter.

2. When you have everything, is it harder to find love? Cy Waits and Paris Hilton split. Will this girl ever meet Mr. Right?

3. Stevie Nicks is touring, but seems to be avoiding NYC. Can Dish haul her cookies to Jones Beach or Saratoga Springs? Hello, Carmel car service, 666-6666? I hear you come when I call. Oooh, girl.

4. Ryan Dunn was twice the legal limit drunk when he crashed the car. Not cool.

5. Royal Fergie's airbrushed self was in People and I have given up on this woman. As a Gingie, I wanted to love her and did for a long time, but she's just screwed me too many times. I don't buy her wanting to transform, her mea culpa, her sessions with Dr. Phil and Suze Orman. Done, done and done. Don't know why Oprah is wasting her time giving her a show. It's like giving a million chances to someone who never learns.

6. Cameron Diaz is a fine physician:

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