Thursday, February 07, 2013

Books, Rumors and Vomit!

I can't get enough of my celebrity books. Once I'm done with Happens Every Day by Stabler's wife in L&O: SVU, I'm moving on to Lucky Me by Sachi Parker about being the daughter of Shirley MacLaine. It doesn't sound like a Mommie Dearest thing, but fer sher, frank talk about strange parenting. I've read a gazillion Shirley books and her mothering never seemed all that amazing. Her astral projecting--awesome.

My next tome is Beyond Belief Jenna Miscavige Hill. I'm obsessed with the celebrity Scientology thing, which is why I had to read their bizarre textbook from cover to cover. It's so eerie, I sort of get it. My introduction to Scientology came in the early nineties from someone high up in the organization who was linked to Tom's initiation. Back then, my star-senses were crude, aimless. If I knew then what I know now, I would have plunged into it, met famous people and somehow wheeled and dealed my way onto a sit-com. Lost dreams.

Today's rumor: that Nicole and Keith are splitting. I've heard this one before.

Marilyn Manson joins the ranks of Bieber and Gaga by yakking on stage, saying later he had the flu. I admire the show must go on attitude, but take a lesson from Barry Manilow who doesn't want to gross out his fans and wind up on TMZ: Stay the hell home and catch up on your Housewives! Though I feel Manson's down time involves picking scabs and howling in a dark room filled with blood and snake skins.

The Grammys aka Dumbfest are on tomorrow. Showing body parts forbidden. What is the talent going to do?

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