Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TG's Super Secret Celebrity Crushes

He's going to kill me for outing him but he's making me watch American Horror Story. Given my penchant for celebrity obsession, of course, I needed to take inventory of TG's star habits. He is the ultimate gentleman, opens doors for me, cooks me dinner, gets nervous over *my* challenging moments, tells me often I'm pretty. I know he adores me, but does the great TG have celebrity crushes? Yes, though he would never admit to such frivolity. Here they are--from my observations:

Sarah Silverman: She makes him belly laugh like no one else except for maybe his brother. I get it.

Sofia Vergara: She's so stacked. I don't blame him. I'm a little in love with her too.

Pepper from American Horror Story: Whoever plays her is mucho talented, plus there's the proximity to La Lange.

Connie Britton from American Horror Story: This one hurts. She's amazing.

Reza from Shahs of Sunset: I also can't look away when he's talking. He's a god.

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