Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Deep Musings Over Anne Hathaway Bashing

She was so much easier to deal with as a Disney princess, or when Meryl Streep dressed her down in The Devil Wears Prada, when Jake cheated on her in Brokeback Mountain, as the poor bridal BFF to fabulous Kate Hudson in Bride Wars. But now, with her recent acty performances, her marvelous shrinking body and that Winona-little-boy haircut, and, dear god, articulate and rehearsed award acceptance speeches. Well, screw her!!! Now the rags are saying that she practiced her acceptance speech so we would like her more. Failure, Anne Hathaway! You're supposed to act completely shocked, say Oh My God a few times, blubber, try to catch your breath and forget to thank a bazillion people, including your new husband. My advice: another crotch flash, blow some spit bubbles and say 1/2 the words you need. Get a weave because the short hair makes it worse. Go far away from Hugh Jackson, too, because you're making the rest of us completely jealous. We all want to jump on a trampoline and sing show tunes with Hugh all day long--and she didn't have to try!!!

But seriously, Dish saw Anne on panel and instantly became imaginary best friends with her. She's pretty cool.

The best news today--mostly for TG--is that Andy Dick is going to be on Dancing with the Stars. This is a huge risk for the franchise. Big mistake. Huge.

In sadness, Michelle Williams and Jason Segel broke up. 

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