Friday, February 01, 2013

RIP, Ed Koch!

I never lived in NYC during the reign of Mayor Koch, but I certainly visited often and he's an icon of this city. He had some ups and downs in politics. Still so sad to hear the news of his passing. Giuliani spent most of his time in drag on SNL, but Koch did better with his stint on Sex and the City. He made his mark.

Ignoring my advice to stick with writing and avoid the video commentary, Perez Hilton goes off Rihanna and her reunion with Chris Brown and overall bad-role-modeling. I totally agree with him. He's really, really smart. His book was awesome. Though I wish he were chubby again...

I have some sad news for a few Dishreaders who hate that Javier Bardem is married to a woman. Well, as it turns out, he may even have intercourse with his wife since Penelope Cruz is pregnant AGAIN with his child. Sorry, guys. It's real, it's happening, it's A-List with an accent.

Beyonce is no longer on my list since she copped to lip-synching at the inauguration, then sang live for some Superbowl thing. Is she REALLY the Superbowl halftime show? I dunno. Am not really wowed by their choices since after Prince. It's time for my girl crush Pink--who sings live.

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