Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The State of My Pizza

It's lukewarm but delicious, meshing nicely with three See's chocolates--because 3 is not as bad as 4. Will hide wrappings from TG who won't have a clue what just happened. Or where I am in The Bachelor (he's on the menage a quatre, making these ladies carsick with his driving). I honestly don't know who Sean should pick: Adopted Ashley--She's a little heavy, as in so much baggage. If he marries her, she'll have these solemn realizations while he just want to do somersaults on the trampoline. She'd make a good wife. Sassy Catherine--Very adorable girl, though heavy also with 2 awful life events. Tiera--disaster, run. Katie Holmes--cute, real, who knows. Makeout Girl Who Sleeps Naked: Not serious enough. The Blonde--sure. No one is really standing out as his wife. So important.

Right now, the whole Chris Dorner standoff-nightmare might be ending. Is it my imagination or are people snapping more than they used to? Or maybe we're getting more on tape.

I push down the harshness of real life with some fake Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, standing firmly with Team Brandi/Lisa. I'm trying to believe that nothing is staged but when I saw Faye crash the tea party, I realized producers probably pushed her on stage...well, I doubt she needed pushing. I'd be there in a hot second as the city's top gatherer of black cat hair. If you use a damp sponge, the hair comes right up.

Alec Baldwin has impregnated his wife.

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