Monday, February 04, 2013

My Team Won...

...until I found out there's a killer on the Ravens team. Do I choose killer spiders don't count or homophobe? It doesn't take a lot to turn Dish.

Superbowl: I'll admit Beyonce did well I saw Matthew Modine wear this exact costume once in Tribeca. Her gyrating and singing were above and beyond last year. And I gasped when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams appeared (though they were on for maybe two minutes--Beyonce was like don't even). My brain rolodexed to the drama that broke up their group--though I don't remember it. I started Googling madly. And then on Facebook, the great Ray Bokhour's great wife said that Ray had been married to Michelle Williams for a few months. I gasped again. He played "Rio" during my wedding ceremony and he's a famous actor now in Chicago on Broadway. How did I *not* know he was once married to Michelle of Destiny's Child? I IMDBed them both but found no evidence of their marriage. Then I Googled them and realized they played husband and wife in Chicago. It's so easy to get me going on wild celebrity goose chases!

This is my Donna Reed It's a Wonderful Life moment--all is well in Dishland, but please, if you have a spare moment, send out especially good vibes for TG this week. He has to deal with the agony of a 1000-piece puzzle spread across our apartment.

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DM said...

We root for TG every day!