Sunday, February 17, 2013

Giving Up on TMZ

I used to thrive on TMZ's gossip but they report the same story: "singer", athlete, "actor" arrested, in a fight, DUI or owing back taxes. Reality show has-beens also arrested, dying freakishly or talking smack. So-and-so looks like crap in the airport and answers a question.

Am I maturing or are the stars this self-destructive?

After the real literature of Dlisted, I salivate over Radaronline's juicy headlines. They write about more important things, like who's taking a stroll (Julia), the latest bikini shots, mixed with housewives' slurring their words and forgetting about their children. Now that's reporting.

It seems John Mayer got Katy Perry a ring. Not an engagement ring, but it's probably more like a I-might- propose-but-probably-not "promise" ring. Sometimes a ring is just a ring.

Poor anguished Morrissey has had to cancel tour dates due to a bleeding ulcer and esophageal condition. Dish has had an ulcer and it's no fun. Even though Morrissey is the last person with whom I'd like to be trapped in an elevator, I wish him health.

Hugh Grant had a second child. Maya Rudolph is preggo with her fourth child.


Sam said...

The last person I'd like to be trapped on an elevator with is Andrew Dice Clay.

Dish said...

Oooh, yeah, that wouldn't be a good combo.