Friday, February 22, 2013

The Apocalypse Is Near

Another sort of shocking Hollywood split: Diane Lane and Josh Brolin. My Dish-vibe tells me--based purely on excessive sniffing of tea tree oil and vapor analysis--their marriage might have been tumultuous. She seems like a delicate flower. He's a bad boy, mind-numbingly good actor. Of course, he's going to blow that to hell, though I hope he doesn't. Diane Lane will continue being sweet and amazing.

This weekend is devoted to Oscar. Sure, I'll spend time looking in the mirror and wondering how to transform into Jessica Chastain. If I tape up the sides of my face and hide the flaps under my hair, no one will see the difference. And then I just throw on a gown and act awkward and modest--there. I am she.

Hilariousness from Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon.


Sam said...

Honey, you're ten times more beautiful than Ms. Chastain.

Dish said...

Aw, thanks, LovesMattDamon!! You're the best!