Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Stars Smoke Doobies!!!

Poor Jennifer Lawrence--She's feisty, trips up stairs, wins an Oscar, dyes her hair black, wears no makeup for even a second, and smokes what looks like a join in Hawaii. What's next? She is the new star to follow constantly. So help me, if I wind up in a bathroom stall next to hers, I will spill!

The press is catching every frame of Kim's expanding body mass during pregnancy. I've never liked her more! The Kardashians do make a strong case for being a healthy weight. No lollipops there. Though I think we're all pretty sick of them. Not even the sex picture of her and Kanye raises my non-existent eyebrow.

Other than this, nothing going on. I'm wearing dots again. Trying out pink eyeshadow. Liking it. Snowball earrings. My pants are too short.

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