Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Junky TV Brings Us Together

In high school, there was a team of women who were like my sisters--still are. I also had on my roster about 20 girls that I worshiped from afar, the ones who looked like they were having a blast, always well put-together, dating and happy. Almost 30 years later, I bond weekly with many of these girls via Facebook over the latest sh*tty TV. It's life-affirming to find kinship in a really sad, sad addiction. My world keeps expanding. I'm not alone.

 If you watched O last night, you know that the state of the union is strong. Why can't O use another adjective? What about robust or as free-flowing as the waters of Lake Titicaca? The best part was Rubio's counter-talk and his swigging the Poland Spring, maybe to wash down the Xanax? Yesterday, I think I irritated someone by crackling an Altoid wrapper during a meeting--a little like The Biscuit pouring water during a trial on Ally McBeal. Dish might subconsciously do it on purpose, which is evil. Well, it's mostly nerves. But Rubio should have contained himself for TV since TV = Life. I didn't witness the swig. By then, Dish had turned off telephonic devices to devote evening to TG and See's chocolate.

And's off to Jersey Boys again!

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