Sunday, February 10, 2013

Game Change...Because I'm Not Watching The Grammys

Last day of hibernation. I'm all about the politics and finally got to watch Mistress Julianne as Sarah Palin in Game Change. I'll say first that I was never pro-Palin, but I'm always interested in the minds of those who think the way she does.

You notice right away that J-Moore's transformation is frightening. She is Palin without going bananas. You kind of forget anyone else is in the movie because she's so perfect. The script is mediocre, Ed Harris doesn't even try to be McCain, cliche is everywhere--though it's all highly enjoyable, especially since you learn more about an exciting period.

This movie makes Palin a bit more sympathetic, less of a caricature. Like Dish, she had a fourth grade knowledge of foreign policy. That's really sad (and she's not alone in politics). After an initial show of strength, she had a downward spiral and I would have too. It was a ridiculous amount of pressure on someone so completely unqualified for higher office, sort like putting Dish on Wall Street (though I'm eerily close).


Sam said...

I also thought Moore was amazing in this movie.

But I am watching the Grammys. You're missing a lot of women thumbing their noses at CBS's no boobies memo. It amuses me.

Dish said...

Ha! I thought you were TG at first! I watched many Grammy clips and I also saw a lot of boobies.