Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dish's Oscar Picks!

I tend to pick all the wrong films, but here goes!

Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones (though I loved Robert De Niro in Silver Lining Playbook more)Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway
Animated Feature: Frankenweenie
Cinematography: Life of Pi (I don't know)
Costume Design: Anna Karenina (Les Mis was all raggy)
Directing: Lincoln, though could be Silver Linings Playbook as dark horse
Documentary Feature: The Invisible War. I want this one to win.
Documentary Short: Mondays at Racine
Film Editing: Argo
Foreign Language: Amour
Makeup and Hairstyling: Hitchcock
Music (Original Score): Argo (not the foggiest)
Production Design: The Hobbit
Animated Short: The Paperman
Short Live Action: Curfew
Sound Editing: Life of Pi
Sound Mixing: Les Miserables
Visual Effects: Life of Pi
Writing (Adapted Screenplay): Argo
Writing (Original): Moonrise Kingdom

Best Actor: Daniel Day Lewis
Best Actress: Jessica Chastain (I always vote for the Gingie, plus this is the pretty award--Naomi could take it, too). Oh I forgot, Jennifer Lawrence is getting tons of buzz now so she could win, but I'll stick with Jessica. Though if Jennifer won, I wonder if it would piss off Kristen Stewart. Dish is so mean!!!
Best Picture: Argo

But here are the most important awards:

Ugliest dress:
Most ridiculous hair:
Best breasts:
Healthiest looking:
Most boring speech:
Most awkward presenter banter:
Biggest upset:
Plastic surgery award:
Most embarrassing speech:
Best speech:
The hottest mess:
Who was robbed:
Just plain sad:
Most touching moment:

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Anonymous said...

Please fill in the rest of the categories. Not bad on that Daniel Day-Lewis call, by the way.