Monday, February 18, 2013

Downton Abbey's Shocking Finale

Spoiler--don't read this unless you saw last night's carnage on DA. Season 3 is over, boo to the hoo. FB burns bright with outrage over the demise of Melatonin Matthew. Hate me if you must, but I'll say it here: I'm not sad that his character died. That's what happens when you're happy and driving wildly on a one-lane road. The open-eye dead face wasn't fun, but still, I didn't cry. He was whiny and boring, he wouldn't give his oodles of money to save his wife's family house out of PRINCIPLE. What a d*ck. Mary is always depressed, too. She needs someone sparky--and judging from rumors alone, she'll get him in Season 4! I only wish they'd bring back Shirl. Dish doesn't like real-life drama so much, but on TV, please be outrageous.

I'm still mourning the death of Mindy McCready, though I only knew her intimately from Celebrity Rehab--another talented soul battling mental illness and addiction. She seemed so tormented, as if nothing would have helped. If I am ever that ill, I might have TG drop me in the middle of nowhere, work on a farm, live simply. This might drive me insane since Tropical B*tch Sandy nearly sent me off a cliff. Dish needs her Angry Birds! TG's welcome to commit me, no questions asked (as long as it's all televised).

Once again, Alec Baldwin can't seem to control himself. He might have uttered a racial slur, he might not have. Who knows? TG remarked that Alec needs to stay controversial since he's out of a job. He's very astute about the stars, that TG.

Dish official Oscar ruling: I pick Argo for best picture, despite artistic license in some areas. It's a no frills, modest tale with very good performances.

Another preggo: Fergie of BEP
Khloe Kardashian fired from The X Factor

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