Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brandi Glanville's Telling All

I've got to hand it to this woman--she's made a name for herself as a scorned wife. She's pisssssed. I'll admit, I enjoy her immensely on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills even though the vaginal rejuvenation (to get a man's essence out of your hoo-ha) is a giant overshare. Did we know anything about her before LeAnn Rimes stole her mans? Not really, and I keep track of celebrities and their spouses and their cousins. When Cibrian took over for Gale Harold on Vanished (what a mess that was), he and Brandi were happily married Iwas dating another loser. But now it's over, he's married the woman he cheated with (where is Gale Harold these days) and Brandi's stock keeps going up. Being enraged can make you really really rich.I keep saying to myself I will not buy her book, I will not feed the gossip machine (I totally will, love her).

Dan Marino had a love child with CBS employee. Dishlesson #1: Never date an athlete.


Abby said...

Hey, Dish, don't buy it...I'll send you a copy :).

Dish said...

Hurray! Merci!!! Can't wait to read it.