Sunday, January 13, 2013

So Not into the Golden Globes, Not Sure Why!

I'm watching them anyway... Resentful of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for cruelly stealing Ricky Gervais's spot. Resentful of friends who thought Ricky was over the top. Fighting the tide of change. Missing TG who's visiting family. He loves award shows for some reason, gets perked up by "the biz" in its glory.

Observations so far:

Daniel Day: Awesome for doing the ET thing. I thought he'd be a douche and pretend it was beneath him. Caught a glimpse of my sort-of neighbor Sally!!!
Jennifer Lopez is naked.
Sofia, as always, was robbed.
Why is Julianne Moore becoming more and more awesome as the years go by? Love hair and dress.
Rooted hard for Damien, glad he won for Homeland.
What's happened to Salma Hayek's career?
Daniel Craig needs to powder his face. Adore seeing him with his wife, Rachel (we're on a first-name basis since The Constant Gardener in which she's brilliant)--a golden couple
Adele is awesome. Have to check--Duran Duran never won a GG for View to a Kill, touted as best Bond song ever (at least in my imagination)
Oh, Anjelica Huston...

That is all for now.

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