Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy Baby Taffy New Year!

This is only funny if you watched Kathy and Anderson bringing in the new year on CNN last night. As usual, she was bananas, which was the best way to end this f*cker of a year Dish is swearing a lot more. Her bombastic behavior melds nicely with my WASP brother Anderson's discomfort.

In gossip news, Hugh Hefner finally settled down with that runaway bride Crystal Harris. Sixty-year age difference. Hard to know what that's about.

We had a leisurely New Year's day. Went ice skating at Chelsea Piers. Dish is a good skater but was cautious to avoid falling, concussion, blood clot, hospitalization. Because I've been sleepless for a good week, my balance is off. It doesn't take much for me to bump into things. TG was fully welcome to injure himself and did some experimenting with backward skating. I didn't fall. At one point, he glided toward me slowly, grimacing and then suddenly fell on his ass--as often happens with ice. A good day overall.

A sweet movie: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Emily Blunt can do no wrong.

Almost forgot. Seeing Jersey Boys on Thursday. This will help me forget about Hillary's health.

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