Monday, January 14, 2013

Jodie's Speech

I always like to listen to someone I can't quite follow. Such was Jodie's speech at the Golden Globes last night. The reactions have been wildly mixed--love it (you go, Jodie) or hate it (you're not fully out of the closet, wearing rainbow colors enough). Dish loved the speech in that everyone was so WTF over it. You have to watch it more than once to get how kinda brilliant it is. And we're still dissecting. The speech was scattered, not at all canned, full of heart, then angry, then patronizing, then warm--refreshingly unmedicated. Was it a coming out speech? I'm not sure. Should it have been? Her kids look happy and that's what's important. At times, the speech sounded like a "goodbye, cruel world." Does her life need to contain politics or personal revelations that will inspire others? She wants her privacy (Then explain to me why she made The Beaver? Was she daring us to comment endlessly about that big elephant in the room?). I guess it doesn't matter. Jodie is a living legend, speech or no speech. She sounds like a real person. It was nice to see her again. I loved her most recently in The Brave One, one of my anthem movies. I don't get her alliance with Mel Gibson but relationships are a mixed bag. Shouldn't we be loyal to loved ones, even if they don't share our beliefs? Though Mel still seems like a scary, sad asshole. I'm still bewildered by her speech and glad that she shook the foundations of a snoozy awards show.

I missed Ricky as host. Tina and Amy were funny--I'd even put them to host the Oscars. For the Golden Globes, you need a real pisser.


John Haracopos said...

I needed to watch Jodie's speech a second time to grasp her talking points; her speech was fantastic and clearly a re-coming out speech. My issue is that the right side of her hair was longer then the left.

Dish said...

I noticed that too.