Sunday, January 27, 2013

The S.A.G. Awards--Better Because It's Your Peers (Still #3)

Are we up for the SAG awards tonight? TNT, starting at 8pm--which is royally painful since Sunday is Real Housewives of Atlanta, Shahs of Sunset, Downton Abbey, Guy vs. Rachael Celebrity Cookoff, The Good Wife. All bets are off, basically. TG enjoys the awards so I'm going to sneak in some ironing and watch a lot of phony baloney speeches. "I grew up in Asshat, Ohio, helped in my daddy's hardware store. After school, I moved to LA, slept with someone famous and wound up on TV. Last year, I got busted for DWI twice. I'm Blah Blah Blah and I'm an actor." No, but really, it's soooo serious. The good part is that there may be a lot of drunkenness since it looks as if beverages and meals are served. Dish will take a shot if ANYONE says, "This means more because it's coming from you, my peers." We have three little vodka bottles in the freezer. Um, they may not be there anymore...

Sorry to be cranky. I have so much ironing to do. Plus, the gossip sites are boring me to tears.
TMZ: love them, but it's swimming mostly in White Trash minutia and athletes beating up their spouses and getting caught driving drunk.
Perez Hilton: Used to be my Go To, but not liking his web-casts. Love his writing, not the commentating. Just my opinion.
HuffPo: Too much integrity.
Dlisted: The best site ever, but doesn't post as frequently. Every post, though, is written with care and snark. Michael K. is a literary genius.

Oh crap, TG has fallen asleep on the couch, which means no television for at least two hours!!!

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