Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facebook Status Updates

Since I'm on a FB diet this week--and it's killing me, i.e. I can't FB stalk my usual suspects or keep infinitesimal tabs on TG--I will put my status updates here:

In my world, there's room for TWO donkey booty exercise DVDs. You go for it, Kenya and Phaedra.

Today is all about doing the same thing twice. THANKS, certain people.

Awesome hair day, even after exercise.

Betrayal, thy name is Beyonce. She lipsynced at the inauguration? Don't people WORK anymore???? Is Jersey Boys pre-recorded?

Shameless is my deepest fear. Why did I buy the entire season? Hating it.

Trying not to imagine Adrienne Maloof and Sean Stewart together. Ooops,too late.

Why am I wearing dots again?

If I had a dime for every show/thriller that features an effed up ex-agent called in for a special case, I'd be sh$tting caviar and Ferraris.

Loving The Following even though it's cliché, hello Se7en, Silence of the Lambs and The Killing.

Adrienne and Sean are still doing it in my head. Frances, I'll take that labotomy now.

Kevin Bacon's nostrils--still enormous!!!

Crazy on the 3rd floor called her new dog Greta one week, Mitsy the next.


Anonymous said...

Crazy on the third floor sounds like a "must meet"

Dish said...

It's hard to know how Crazy will react. I ask her mundane questions or ignore. Afraid she has a knife strapped to thigh and will use it.