Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hillary Opens Up a Can of Whoop-Ass!

It takes a hot broad to put these old white guys in their place, but that's what she did when she testified in front of the senate on the Benghazi affair. I love my Hillary. When I think about flying, about panic, about accidentally eating raw chicken and what if I die, I remember she's out there. My understanding of politics comes straight from CNN and thin air, but here's my thought about the Benghazi mess: Pourquoi the hysteria about why we didn't know all the information (unless your relative died--then I get it). Wouldn't you rather conduct a thorough investigation instead of spew bursts of what could be misinformation to a mostly ignorant population (I still love you, America)? Investigations take time.

See? I should be in the White House as Consumer of Frosted White House Sugar Cookies.

In this vein, I've realized I might take a punch for Lisa Vanderpump though I bruise like a peach. Not only does she look better now than she did thirty years ago, but she makes everything seem effortless because she's British. I love her, love her dog, love her clothes, love her husband. And of course, now I'm addicted to Vanderpump Rules, which is The Hills but with young people doing even LESS. The drama, oh the drama! Everyone is overreacting. Kristen is dating gayish Tom who uses all her product but he slept with a girl who used to live with him who Kristen accidentally met at a modeling shoot. Sheena (sp?) slept with a famous actor while he was married so all the other waitresses hate her (how could she? he's like MARRIED). Then while on the gay pride parade float, Sheena-homewrecker put suntan lotion of Jax's back while he was in a fight with Stassi (a blond tyrant, who's like 23 and doesn't want to like date a loser--please, that's when you happily START dating losers). Jax is a sad aging-manwhore-bartender but you could see him guesting on NCIs: Los Angeles as "The Guy Who ODs." Mayhem ensues where evil Frank moves in on Stassi and says Jax knocked up some hooker in Vegas. Out for revenge, Stassi drinks Jax's Cristal and leaves empty bottles for him to find--along with her rage-studded sick, I'm sure. Pump just wants her staff to work--leave the personal life at home. Such important life lessons. Can't wait till the next episode!

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