Sunday, January 20, 2013


Dish has been ill the last few days but has become completely obsessed with Enlightened. I'm done with Season 1 and am almost tempted to get HBO to see the next season. Is that sad? I won't do it. I'm supposed to save $$$ this year. No more splurging except for Season 1 of Enlightened and new Bruno Mars CD. The chemistry between Laura Dern and Luke Wilson is sizzling. Plus, you gotta love Mike White.

J.Lo on the cover of People. That is not hair. I no longer believe interviews in these magazines. I just get it for the pictures, the opposite of why I get Playboy (I don't get Playboy).

I don't believe it: Adrienne Maloof and Sean Stewart. Tell me this isn't a strange couple. Like where's the motivation for either of them? It looks completely desperate and fake to me. How low can you go? These kind of fake, sad photo ops upset me.

Another mistake of being sick. I'm now obsessed also with The Real Housewives of Atlanta. These are the most beautiful of all the housewives, though much more back-stabby.


Anonymous said...

We hope you start feeling better soon Dish!!!

Dish said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I'm much better now. Hurray!