Thursday, January 03, 2013

What Really Happened with Hillary

When Hillary took this picture with Meryl Streep, I got suspicious. Meryl is such a troublemaker. She gets into everyone's business with her flashy smile and I-don't-care-about-fame facade. You know she wants to topple governments. Meryl set out to seduce Hillary or at least fog her up so that she had no idea how to deal with Libya. MS could secretly be on Boehner's payroll though I haven't confirmed. In a gigantic lover's spat--I'm guessing a pool of strawberry jello was involved and lots of bikinis--Meryl knocked Hillary to the ground and gave her the concussion. The stomach virus was pure BS, like Bolton said. And the reason why Chelsea looks so distraught coming out of the hospital is not over her mother's health. No, it's that her mom devised this elaborate scheme to lie on her back and watch Real Housewives of Miami. Me too, Hills!

A picture is worth 150 words-ish.

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