Friday, January 04, 2013

Dish Tried to Spy But We Didn't Get There on Time!

Sadly, Dish and TG would make terrible paparazzi! He came home from his workout at Chelsea Piers, passing by the sh*tty High Line (I don't get what the big deal is--it's an elevated sidewalk) and saw a "movie" being filmed. Cool. Happens every day. We eat our mac and cheese and salad. I suggest to him that we spy, maybe do some real investigative journalism. There is hemming and hawing. Maybe we'll watch Sweet Genius and Cupcake Wars and then go. Two hours elapse. Filming takes forever right? We bundle up and walk four avenues over. They were striking the set. I scream at TG to go find out what's happening because he's the one ballsy enough to do it. If he sees Justin Bieber on the street, TG will casually go and ask how he likes his Ferrari. The answer is: They were filming Person of Interest.

That's my huge scoop!

Are you noticing lots of love and hate for Les Miserables? Dish is kind of impressed that there isn't the Oh This Is Automatically Great whitewashing as with Titanic, aka one of the worst movies ever. But I don't feel violent over it. We're all in agreement (except for DishfriendwholovesMattDamon) that Anne Hathaway was mind-blowingly great. Automatic Oscar.

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