Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Get Into the Pleasure Groove (Mixed Madonna/John Taylor Metaphor!)

This book came out in October. Since I spent a few years (10) obsessed with John Taylor, you'd think I'd have used my connections I don't have any to get an advanced copy. I even signed up for his reading in New York--but didn't go. The book sat on my reading table for months. I dreaded reading it. What if it was ... bad? I already had a depressing DD concert experience at Foxwoods, realizing I'm just not cool enough to be in the DD inner circle. Why do more?

I took a leap of faith. I read the first page, then the next. Then the chapters couldn't go by fast enough. Sure, JT had help sculpting the prose, but the voice was so clever I'm so British with memories lovingly rendered. DishNarcissism took over in some places and I made connections to what I was going through at the same time! Oh sure, Antigua. I remember that. Didn't you guys get sick on that boat? Why did you and Renee break up? Oh right, I remember now. Really, you actually walked by Bryan Ferry? How awesome is that. It was a nice blast from the past.

The best part about this autobiography for me was how he got sober. It all seemed very civilized and under the radar. No ODing in a hotel room or accidentally shooting himself in the hand. He was just f*cked up for too long. He went to rehab, done, and developed ways of coping that don't involve being on TV 24/7. Anyway, it was inspiring to me. A must read for anyone who loves Duran Duran--which is most people.

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