Thursday, June 24, 2010

Al Gore's Happy Ending?

Gross. Dish knew something more substantial led to the Gore split, though how late it is to come forward about a traumatic massage. If he's so into massages, and dirty ones, why don't more women break the silence? I understand the desire to stay out of the limelight, but it would be nice to bring down the hypocrites of the world. This bombshell confirms my longheld belief that People Are Crazy. I'm going to crawl into my little cave.

I've read lots of crap all over about Tom Cruise and whether or not he's over. Tom will never be over unless he gets fat (like John Travolta) and makes a string of sh*tty movies (like John Travolta). Sure, he's gotten freakier with age but never underestimate the comeback, as with his appearance in Tropic Thunder. Tom is good with comedy (not drama), which you kinda see in the trailer for Knight and Day. For some reason, this movie has been projected as DOA, though this seems like a conspiracy and not based on actual suckage. Tom is weird but he has value in Hollywood. For his career, he needs to be funny, play on the outrageous side, then, maybe when he's in his late fifties, he could try another drama (like Collateral) and be fantastic. Dish looks on the sunny side.

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Anonymous said...

There's the saying that where there's smoke there's fire. Now many news outlets are suggesting that there's nothing to this accusation. What does Dish think?