Friday, June 18, 2010

Kids These Days

If Adam Lambert, Colin Firth and Jack White had sex, they'd create Benjamin Walker who shines in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. The show has gotten great buzz due to its star and engaging content. Upon viewing, Dish can distill the essence of BW's appeal to teenage girls. Remember, I was there circa 1983 with the succulent wave of androgynous boy bands. BW wears tons of eyeliner and this is #1 rule for achieving sexy.

Dish went to the play for personal reasons (i.e. Darling Mamie Gummer got engaged to BW and you know Dish loves all things related to Meryl Streep). I had to see if BW was good enough to be in the Streep family. And he is. He's deserving of critical acclaim and heartthrob status (he sports camel toe jeans and Rob Thomas hair), but at his core, he's a zitty sensitive theater geek. Nice to see, too, that many in the cast have done graduate work related to theater. Education is important, people! So many actors have empty brains and do what they think is acting. My favorite character was Van Buren (Lucas Near-Verbrugghe), who seemed to channel David Bowie.

Sadly, Dish was in the front row, dodging BW's copious waterfalls of sweat. Also, not that this affected my enjoyment, I saw lots of panties and someone's testicles during the Indian ballet. That's the problem with the stage at the Public Theater.

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is young, irreverent (which is so in these days), and is the only way kids (and Dish) will learn history.

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