Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life on the D List

Kathy Griffin's Life on the D-List premiered tonight. I enjoy Kathy, though the show isn't as novel as the first two years. Tom is getting fat. Where are her other assistants? Liza Minelli is worth the entire show. Overall, the shtick is getting old. Will continue to watch out of loyalty.

So much talk about Tori Spelling's weight loss these days. She looks frightening, which saddens Dish. Do not believe it's the tummy flu or breast feeding or being busy. I have rooted for Donna since Day #1, mostly because of her performance in Trick. She has some charm, which is a rarity in offspring of mega-gazillionaires. The Lara Flynn Boyle Diet (eat three bites then give up) is the standard, unfortunately. Oh wait, the Dish Diet is similar (drink 60 oz cups of Diet Pepsi and that's it). Never mind!

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