Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup and Has Beens

My brain just shorted out over the trailer The Expendables, starring all my favorite action heroes (didn't see Seagal but that's okay since he's been with his sex slaves). TG and I are seeing it without fail!

Speaking of expendable, as everyone watched the World Cup, I'm making a mental list of sad people who peaked in their teens/early 20s, are famous now only for their sordid personal lives and lack relevancy. Dish sympathizes. My peak was eighth grade and I've accepted that my best work came about at age thirteen. List so far:

1. Britney
2. Jeremy London
3. Paris
4. Lindsay
5. Gary Coleman (RIP)
6. The cast of Twilight in about 5 years
7. The cast of Glee in about 5 years
8. Justin Bieber in 5 years
9. Wilson Phillips
10. Lee Ann Rimes
11. Jessica Alba
12. The Olsen twins

I'm tired for them. This is why education is so important. After fame, Blossom did something useful with her life. But onto happier thoughts: Gay Pride!

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DBSK said...

Is Jessica Alba a has been?? Pitty, I sort of like her. She had an interesting take on The Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four. Plus, she was Dark Angel, a sort of cult sci-fi series.