Monday, June 21, 2010

Gaga meets Jaws

Lady Gaga has jumped the shark with her baseball antics. First the double finger and lame-girl-makeout-session at the Mets game. Then bra and panties at the Yankees. My butt could invent better attention-getting schemes. It's so over.

Orlando Bloom is finally engaged to Miranda Kerr. I was so so so worried this VS model would be single forever! He's such an enlightened boddhisatva.

Last night at Radio City Music Hall, New Kids on the Block was joined on stage by the Back Street Boys. Can you imagine? I'm squealing and I wasn't even there. It's almost like if Spandau Ballet joined Duran Duran on stage.

Today, in reference to Amanda Bynes quitting acting, Dishmama said, "That's what that Joaquin Pelican did." Yes, Mom, Joaquin PHOENIX quit acting to become a rapper.

Dish will retire from writing to become an actress.

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