Monday, June 07, 2010

Nick Rhodes Birthday Eve

The news is snoozeworthy:

Aguilera can't escape comparisons to Gaga. Sheen's going to jail for three minutes because, as always, he acted in a way that is natural to him. He will be incarcerated and then he'll go home and nothing will change. Sandra Bullock has made two award show appearances, regaling the crowd with her humor and girl-on-girl kiss. She's back!

Most odd is my constant staring at the beautiful ring on my finger. Hoards of women have cooed over "Ringy" and I've cooed along with them. Since age 5, I've been on the periphery of weddings. Very interesting to be in the center of it all. Is it wrong that I am mostly thinking of the cake and the ring? Will start "testing" of wedding cake early in honor of Nick Rhodes's birthday. He had flamingos at his wedding to the gorgeous heiress with the long legs (Julianne?). Though the only animal at my wedding will be Dishstepfather.


dm said...

Dish is cruel!!

Anonymous said...

Furry or fanged?