Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, Huffington Post wonders if Julia's new Lancome ad is airbrushed. Does the gay politician have secret sex in airport bathrooms? Despite the fakeness, it's Julia, who must be worshipped at all times. If I could get airbrushed, I would. It would hide the sun damage and bring out the unblotchy alabaster skin I'm supposed to have.

Dish's Daily Review: TVLand's Hot in Cleveland is abysmal. The talented has-been cast has terrible, unwatchable material to work with. Don't even view for hipster Betty White. Such a nice concept since no one wants to end up in Cleveland (Dish used to live there), but lousy and unfunny writing.


DishBrother said...

And why a blonde? O Julia!

Anonymous said...

Julia looks like Uma Thurman in that pic. Scary :/